It’s the time of year where everyone is starting to think about what they want to do to their homes for the year. Personally, I am currently in the midst of planning my own kitchen renovation. I do this for a living but am fully aware of how overwhelming it can be looking down the barrel of a long renovation process. After a few renovations in my time, I wanted to share my tips and tricks when planning a kitchen renovation. With a bit of forethought and planning you can make this journey a lot less stressful for yourself!

Top tips for Planning Your Kitchen Renovation

Sort, Sort, Sort

Really sort through your cupboards, get everything out on the table and see what you have. Be ruthless with this part of the process – if you have 20 platters and only use four or five – donate them to a better home (like your local op-shop or friends). The idea is to look at your appliances, platters, salad bowels, baking trays, glassware etc and measure them so your cupboards can be designed to fit them. If you’re going to the expense of a new kitchen, you really want to make sure everything fits well. There’s nothing more annoying then installing beautiful new kitchen cupboards and not being able to find room for the slow cooker or the turkey platter you only use at Christmas!

Avoid Being Extremely On-trend

Don’t get hung up on current trends (be careful with instagram inspo!). Renovations can often take a while and the aim is to make sure your kitchen didn’t start out extremely on-trend and end up so-two-years-ago. On the other end of the spectrum don’t be too safe and just go white, white, white – the kitchen is often the hub of the home so try and show some of your family’s personality. Everything dates whether it be the colours, door profile, handles, and splash back, so follow your gut and go with what you really love – then commit to it.

Research first!

Do your research. Splash out on some architectural magazines or even looking on design blogs rather than ones dedicated to kitchens, as these are often just paid advertorials. An architectural magazine like Artichoke, Habitus or blogs like Yellow Trace and The Design Files showcase the work of the world’s top and on-trend designers. Not only this but the work they produce will set the trend for mainstream Australian interiors.

Go for Quality Appliances

Always splurge that little bit more on quality appliances. Appliances can be a big expense, but a worthwhile long-term investment if you enjoy cooking.  Even if you don’t pride yourself on your cooking skills, a great appliance can help with improving that! The bigger quality brands will often have package deals and sales so keep an eye out and do your research. It will look beautiful in your kitchen and save you from having to re-buy a cheap appliance every two years.

Pre-made Kitchens Aren’t Always Cheaper!

Don’t be fooled into thinking pre-made or flat pack kitchens are cheaper. Although pre-made kitchens can appear cheaper up-front, they can often be more hassle and expensive when it comes time to install. A lot of the time they won’t quite fit into your space and you get left with lots of useless filler voids. Always talk to a designer or cabinet maker before making any purchase. You might be surprised at how little the difference in price can often be and you will get a bespoke kitchen that fits the space and your needs.

Top Tips for Planning Your

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation (or any renovation!) and need some help from a qualified and experienced interior designer, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’d love to pop over for a visit and help you with anything you might need. In the mean time, have a look through our previous interior design projects.

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