Recently I wrote about ways to avoid as much stress as possible during a kitchen renovation. As I am currently planning my own kitchen renovation in my Brisbane home and doing my own research I thought I’d share with you my top five kitchen design trends for 2017.

1. Open Shelving

Open Shelves - Kitchen Trends

Image source: Pinterest

This is a trend that I’m loving and will be including in my own kitchen this year. Many clients get concerned about the dust factor but it’s really nothing to worry about. This is where some thoughtful positioning comes in – use the open shelves for the plates and glasses that get every day use. This way they don’t have time to get dusty. Simply hide all those platters and bowls that are used less frequently away in your cupboards. A quick wipe-over of the shelf once a month or so should do the trick.

Open shelving is also a great way to accessorise your kitchen seasonally with indoor plants, vases etc. Don’t be limited by windows either – shelves can span the windows and this allows for some beautiful natural light to come through and accent your display items. Need some more convincing? Read this article to find out why open shelves are a kitchen must.

2. Sculptural Elements

The kitchen being an open, integral part of the home is a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. We are spending more time there, not just as families but even as hosts, so we want our kitchens to make an impression. A great way to achieve this is by adding sculptural elements – they create interest and blur the traditional kitchen lines.

A simple and effective way of adding this to your kitchen is a boxed-in concealed exhaust, creating a feature (as opposed to the typical boxy kitchen cabinets). By cladding in a different material, you can create an interesting sculptural element. This can often be a great way to use that expensive tile, timber or marble that would break the budget to use in bulk elsewhere.

Another area is your island bench and how it is supported. Try introducing shapes, unique cladding or shelving – don’t be limited by the standard waterfall edge you see everywhere. Make this the hub of your home filled with signs of who you are and what you love.

3. Beautiful Tiles

kitchen tile trends 2017

Image source: Pinterest

Glass splash backs are definitely a thing of the past, and really not as practical as they may first appear. My advice is go bold and use a tile that adds life and personality to your kitchen. There are more and more fabulous tile companies around now. Some of my favourites are:

4. The café

Kitchen cafe design

Image source: Pinterest

Whether you have a strong love of a good bean or just love the social aspect that goes along with a morning coffee, the inclusion of the café area in a kitchen is a great luxury if you have the space. An area dedicated to the coffee machine (and maybe even a wine fridge!) can create an excellent social hub in the mornings. Consider installing a built-in seat or bench to use while you have a drink and flick through those cookbooks and do your weekly meal planning.

5. Gadgets

There are so many automated gadgets you can add to your kitchen these days – from ordering your groceries on the fridge, to turning on the dishwasher using your phone. But if these are a little to high-tech for you, let’s start with the simple gadgets from companies like Blum. Blum provide great options for keeping your drawers tidy, organising your Tupperware and encouraging easy access to that spice collection that you can’t be bothered to flick through when you’re cooking. These guys will also do drawers that open and close themselves so you’ll never hit your head on that cupboard door again.

Do you want some help planning your kitchen design or renovation? Feel free to contact us for further information on how we can help! 

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