The Designer’s Christmas Gift Guide 2018

It’s that time of year again and we love giving presents (or hints) and this year our selection is a little less for the home and little more for us. Over the years, some presents have become timeless gift ideas and we have decided to revisit the classics and how they can fit under the… Read more »


The Designer’s Christmas Gift Guide for 2017

Christmas is JUST around the corner and if you’re anything like us, you’ll want something a little more personalised and unique than what you’ll pick up at the local Westfield – not to mention the nightmare crowds.


The Designer’s Christmas Gift Guide

Australian Christmas Gift Guide

We always love the look on loved-one’s faces as they open presents we’ve carefully selected for them. Fun at the time, but it can take a hellavalot of serious thought to get that perfect gift.


Curious Crabs

A selection of curious crabs has made their way into the studio. In various sizes, in silver and aged brass these stunning crabs will be a real talking point of your interior over the summer months.



Brisbane Interior Design Trends

Earlier this week The Australian posted an article that outlined writer Claire Carponen’s predictions for top interior design trends of 2015 (you can read the article here). I found it interesting that the article had actually been syndicated from The Times in the United Kingdom.


Christopher’s Christmas Gift Guide

Geometric Print Inspo

So it is almost Christmas and for those of you who haven’t finished your Christmas gift shopping I have put together my top ten gifts for the design conscious. In no particular order there is something for everyone at various price points. There may also be a few hints for those buying for me this… Read more »