Ashley Douglas Jeweller

Retailer Design

Ashley Douglas is a second-generation master jeweller whose focus on the specialised craft of jewellery design and manufacture is as much a cornerstone of the brand as the jewellery itself. As the brand continues to grow, the business decided to expand into new premises. CG was engaged to design the interior of the jewellery store in the heritage Brisbane Arcade. CG worked with the clients to develop their brand identity and incorporate this into an interior that represented Ashley Douglas and its future. Keeping in line with the focus on the craft, half of the shopfront was dedicated to the jewellery workshop, allowing passersby to watch the jewellery being crafted. The other half was designed as a retail window with individual display cases to showcase the exquisite jewellery. This juxtaposition of raw and refined creates a unique experience for the customer and allows them to be fully immersed in the process and history behind their purchase.