With the end of the year nearly upon us we’re beginning to think about 2017 and what it will bring in the way of colours, textures and design trends. Pantone has released their predictions for next year so it’s time to get day dreaming with a few of our favourites below.

Native Instincts

Push the boundaries of classic colour and pattern combinations and consider a more statement approach. Think native artefacts, kilim carpets and cushions and smokey, earthy tones. Pull it together with copper tones and mineral hues. Next time you’re travelling, keep an eye out for something rich in character and full of texture.

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We will be seeing lush, deep colours like Red Dahlia, Baton Rouge Red and Chrysanthemum. Bold floral patterns in large scales will create a dramatic effect. To balance it out use varying shades of green – this is a great excuse to bring the outside in and buy some stunning indoor plants. Image below found here.
2017 Interior Design Predictions

Acquired Taste

This palette is all about texture and warm tones. Colours like Orange Chiffon, Amberlight, Etruscan Red, Mulberry and Brandied Melon are rounded out with Pale Gold accents. Acquired taste is all about subtle luxury.

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Day Dreaming

Pantone says Day Dreaming is “a series of pleasant thoughts that distract our attention from the present.” Pastels will still be going strong next year so don’t give up on them yet!

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Raw Materials

This palette is a more of a lifestyle, using colours like Oil Yellow, Faded Denim, Winter Twig, Argyle Purple and Zephyr pink. It’s all about a desire to live sustainably, using recycled materials from nature and industry both. It’s about getting into the pattern of thoughtful and considered living and decoration. Think raw and earthy textures and tones. Get your DIY on!

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This palette is all about tradition and classic pieces. Don’t be put off by the traditional aspect though – you still get some pops of interest in there: Maritime Blue, Specia Tini, Dusty Blue, Rattan and Parchment and combine with Martini Olive, Bird’s Egg Green and Sugar Almond.

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At Ease

Think greys in amongst the Day Dreaming palette. At Ease introduces both cool and warm neutrals in one place. Sea Fog partnered with Orchid Haze and Twilight Mauve. Be careful not to allow too much cool into your room. Warm it up with soft pinks, blues and greens.

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Which is your favourite? Let us know if you want a hand with your upcoming renovations or just giving your home a facelift.