For many of us out there, Christmas is all about the wrapping, decorations and table settings. Sure, we love time spent with family and friends and the whole peace and joy thing. But if you’re anything like me, the excitement of being able to go a little over the top with seasonal ornamentation is too much to contain.

I’ve been doing some research to gain inspiration for my own Christmas table and thought I’d share a little of what I’ve found. These are three trends that I feel are just right for a perfectly stylish Christmas. I hope they inspire you to do some festive decorating of your own.





It’s all about keeping it simple and relaxed with hessian, natural foliage and texture. It’s ok for these items to be a little rough – a little fraying here or a worn edge there can actually add to the charm. These natural pieces are in stark contrast and a welcome change to some of the glitzier trimmings that seem to rear their sparkly heads each year (I’m looking at you, tinsel).



This is a fantastic way to keep all the sparkle and magic of Christmas while completely doing away with the tackiness. The sophisticated, pared-back palette of creams and dusty golds has a surprisingly festive feel, especially when accented by something special that can really catch the light. The odd diamante-studded rain deer, for example! This geometric wreath is a stunning example of how some of our holiday staples can be reimagined to great affect.



With the right tones, you can never really go wrong with this festive colour scheme, This is especially true when the red and green are broken up with select naturals and gold accents. It perfectly melds the traditional with the modern, and can adapt to all your Christmas entertaining needs.



If you’re wondering how you can pull these trends together, I’m actually using a combination of the three to style my own Christmas table this year. I’ll start with a natural base – a large hessian tablecloth will be perfectly rustic. I’ll embellish this with olive branches and those mason jars from last year (with some new candles). I’ll add some charcoal and gold baubles that will glimmer nicely in the candlelight. The low lighting and natural tones will create a really earthy but romantic feel for our Christmas dinner.

I will be going a little perkier during lunch however, with a bright, festive lashing of red all across the day table. I really can’t think of anything more stunning in form or colour than a beautiful poinsettia or three. I’ll intersperse these among some of the charcoal and gold baubles that will feature on the evening table. I think there’s nothing wrong with reusing decorations, especially in a completely new context. The atmosphere will be so different between night and day; I’d be highly surprised if anyone even noticed that my baubles make two appearances!


Of course, there are so many creative ideas out there that exquisitely balance the character of the holiday with a little sophistication. If you’re not already on Pinterest, I’d recommend taking a look. It’s overflowing with stylish and innovative ideas for Christmas – ideas that are usually quite easy to replicate in your own home. I’m considering a raid on the local nursery so I have enough succulents for to make these wonderful fleshy green trees. I also love this bauble-adorned branch. Suspending it over the table is actually very smart as it leaves room for the enormous amounts of food.

These are just a few of my ideas for creating a thoroughly modern but completely warm and inviting Christmas setting. What’s inspired you this festive season? How will you be decking the halls?

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