Christmas is JUST around the corner and if you’re anything
like us, you’ll want something a little more personalised and
unique than what you’ll pick up at the local Westfield – not to
mention the nightmare crowds.

We’ve rounded up some beauties for your loved ones this year – everything from boozy treats to indoor plants.
Christmas CG Design
1. Missoni bathrobe – This one is a classic that everyone lusts after and their are patterns suited to any family member. It’ll last a lifetime and is worth the hefty price tag – super lush.
2. Marc Newson Unbreakable Highball Tumblers – You can’t go wrong with some classic tumblers. These ones are heat proof and guaranteed unbreakable!
3. Plants in a box – Choose a custom box of plants to brighten up the home. These more established seedlings literally come delivered in a box to your door and are super on trend in the choices they have available – as well as being a local company (Gold Coast).
4. Four Pillars Australian Christmas Gin – Need we say more? Gin!
5. Tree trunk vase – The perfect statement vase for the colour lovers in your life. A standard vase can get boring but these ones pack a punch and will look fantastic on any table.
6. Frank Green reusable cup – Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know reusable cups in gorgeous designs are the it-purchase of the season right now. These Frank Green ones are a perfect budget gift in high quality and design.
7. Duo coffee steeper – For the coffee lovers out there, this one is a must and brews a mean cold brew.
8. Australian birds tea towel – Australiana is all the rage at the moment – these bright tea towels are the perfect addition to anyone’s kitchen brightening up the room.
9. Colour notes – Cute colourful plastic bookmarks for the book lovers or students in your life.
10. Frankie Olive Designs pottery – Another fantastic local company to support while also scoring some gorgeous hand crafted ceramics.

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