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The Designer’s Christmas Gift Guide for 2017

Christmas is JUST around the corner and if you're anything like us, you'll want something a little more personalised and unique than what you'll pick up at the local Westfield - not to mention the nightmare crowds.
We've rounded up some beauties for your loved ones this year - everything from boozy treats to indoor plants.
Christmas CG Design
1. Missoni bathrobe - This one is a classic that everyone lusts after and their are patterns suited to any family member. It'll last a lifetime and is worth the hefty price tag - super lush.
2. Marc Newson Unbreakable Highball Tumblers - You can't go wrong with some classic tumblers. These ones are heat proof and guaranteed unbreakable!
3. Plants in a box - Choose a custom box of plants to brighten up the home. These more established seedlings literally come delivered in a box to your door and are super on trend in the choices they have available - as well as being a local company (Gold Coast).
4. Four Pillars Australian Christmas Gin - Need we say more? Gin!
5. Tree trunk vase - The perfect statement vase for the colour lovers in your life. A standard vase can get boring but these ones pack a punch and will look fantastic on any table.
6. Frank Green reusable cup - Unless you've been living under a rock you'll know reusable cups in gorgeous designs are the it-purchase of the season right now. These Frank Green ones are a perfect budget gift in high quality and design.
7. Duo coffee steeper - For the coffee lovers out there, this one is a must and brews a mean cold brew.
8. Australian birds tea towel - Australiana is all the rage at the moment - these bright tea towels are the perfect addition to anyone's kitchen brightening up the room.
9. Colour notes - Cute colourful plastic bookmarks for the book lovers or students in your life.
10. Frankie Olive Designs pottery - Another fantastic local company to support while also scoring some gorgeous hand crafted ceramics.
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Top Australian Photographic Artists of 2017

Whether you're re-designing your kitchen or even bathroom, photographic art can find it's place on your wall. Gone are the days of cheesy sunset shots over the beach being your only option for photo art. With so many new artists popping up over the last few years, photos can be a really gorgeous addition to your art collection.

The Designer’s Guide to Northern NSW

Guide to Northern NSW
If you're on Instagram no doubt you've seen all that Northern New South Wales has to offer those with a discerning eye for detail and design. If you're planning a day trip to the region, you're going to want to extend it after reading through this divine list of stops along the way.
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Interior Colour Direction Tips

Colour Trends for Interior Design 2017
One of the hardest parts of changing up your interiors is choosing a new colour scheme. It may be difficult but interior colour direction is such an important part of a holistic design that flows beautifully throughout your home.
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The Designer’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

Brisbane Fathers Day Gift Guide
With Spring now upon us and father’s day this weekend, here is a few last minute gift ideas for dad that are perfect for the season and will look good around your home – no wall mounted singing fish here. Out with the embarrassing ties left over from the 80's and Brut and in with the stylishly accessorised dad we all know is in there somewhere!
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The Designer’s Guide to Cambodia

Every year I try to take a vacation in August, it sounds a little European but it is actually a great way to warm up from the chilly winter months and recharge for that last dash into Christmas. This year I took a trip to Cambodia, a beautiful and fascinating country steeped in history from the reign of the khmer Empire in the 11th century to the devastating rule of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge during the 1970’s. This is a country that acknowledges its past and is trying to redefine itself to build a future. In many ways its charm is its tradition and simplicity.
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Curious Crabs

A selection of curious crabs has made their way into the studio. In various sizes, in silver and aged brass these stunning crabs will be a real talking point of your interior over the summer months.
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Italian Classics

I have been doing some research to find the perfect signature armchair for a clients sitting room, a unique piece that is sculptural, a design classic and of course comfortable.

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CG Design Studio’s Adelaide St House Recognised by Houzz

Houzz interior design article
Less than one year in and CG Design Studio has already won its first major recognition! I am thrilled to announce that we are one of a select few design firms to receive a Best of Houzz 2015 award for Design. The recognition reflects our popularity amongst the 25 million users that make up the Houzz community.
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Brisbane Interior Design Trends

Earlier this week The Australian posted an article that outlined writer Claire Carponen’s predictions for top interior design trends of 2015 (you can read the article here). I found it interesting that the article had actually been syndicated from The Times in the United Kingdom.

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Finding Inspiration in Bustling Bali

Brisbane Interior Design Trends

Happy New Year! Before we all end our summer breaks I thought I’d relive a little of mine. I was lucky enough to get away to Bali for two weeks to do a little exploring, a little product sourcing and a lot of relaxing.

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Christopher’s Christmas Gift Guide

Geometric Print Inspo
So it is almost Christmas and for those of you who haven’t finished your Christmas gift shopping I have put together my top ten gifts for the design conscious. In no particular order there is something for everyone at various price points.  There may also be a few hints for those buying for me this year…
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Natural, Neutral and Classic

Brisbane Interior Design Trends
For many of us out there, Christmas is all about the wrapping, decorations and table settings. Sure, we love time spent with family and friends and the whole peace and joy thing. But if you’re anything like me, the excitement of being able to go a little over the top with seasonal ornamentation is too much to contain.
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Inspiring Time with Janie

Brisbane Interior Design Trends

Today I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Janie Collins. A colleague and old friend, Janie is an agent for some of Australia’s best furniture makers and a fabulous support to QLD design.

It is always a pleasure to spend time with Janie. Her enthusiasm is infectious and it is always inspiring to see all the amazingly well crafted pieces from the designers she represents. These are quality pieces that stand the test of time. I’m sure each will become a treasured heirloom, which is hard to say about a lot of the furniture available these days.

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CG Chats with Threads

Brisbane Interior Design Trends

Brisbane Threads is an online publication that collects stories from Brisbane's growing community of artists,restaurateurs, writers, start-ups, designers and shares them with those who are interested in exploring what flourishing Brisbane has to offer. Last Saturday I had the pleasure of a visit from Alice Duffield and we sat down and chatted about all things design.  Read the full interview and more on Brisbane Threads.

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Happily Busy

Brisbane Interior Design Trends

Those who follow me on Instagram will have seen a few regular posts of the beautiful beaches down at Byron Bay. I’m not shirking my duties. Between a piccolo on the beach in the morning and a Corona on the beach in the afternoon, I’m actually there to work on exciting interior design project. This is a little post to give you an insight into the project and how it’s coming together.

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The Summer of Radiant Orchid

Interior Design Art Inspo

If you’re in Brisbane like I am, you’ll definitely have the feeling that we’ve shaken the dullness of winter and autumn. Summer is nearly here with its warmth and light. If the sunshine and summery breezes are inspiring you to be productive and creative (like they’re doing to me), it might just be time to add a few flashy splashes of colour through your home. Here are a few of my tips for low cost, high impact ways to brighten up your home in time for the summer social season.